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Trophy Disapointment – Prediction League Update

As always when we lose, it makes doing the prediction league much more difficult, no one likes predicting we’ll lose, whilst we hate giving out points for doing so. The 3-0 defeat to Woking yesterday is no exception but we persevere in the hope that now we’ve only got the league to concentrate on, we’ll have more games to give out points for wins.


We had 86 predictions for this match, and only 11 of them got points in this DOUBLE POINTS round. 88% of predictors hoped for a win, 2% went for a replay, and the remaining 10% got the correct result, a Woking win.


One predictor got the score-line spot on, so a muffled congratulations Arch of Lemner who got all 10 points on offer. All 8 other predictors, who thought that Woking would dump us out the Trophy at the first opportunity, got at least 6 points before the bonus points were awarded. Only 4 bonus points were awarded, 2 for predicting that Hereford would be goalless, 2 for getting the score the wrong way around – how I admire your optimism, if only it was true!


In the league table, none of the top 12 scored any points, so it remains as you were at the top with Kick in the Bulls still leading the way on 77 points. The largest mover was Jamer99 who picked up 6 points and 25 positions in the league table. There will be no more Cup matches this season meaning that there are only 5 DOUBLE POINTS rounds left this season.


The monthly table has been completed and it almost looked like a full gone conclusion up until this DOUBLE POINTS round that BenSmithsDislocatedShoulder (30 points) would take the monthly prize for Movember going into the last game, but it’s bad news for this competitor as the 10 points gained by Arch of Lemner gained this predictor the prize for the month with a total of 33 points, ahead of the former leader and The Undertakers (25.5 points). We will contact the winner in regards to the prize shortly.


So, we’ve got a game next Saturday, at Edgar Street, against Nuneaton. We were on a better run in the league so do you think we can continue this? Email us at before the 3pm kick off.


In the meantime, our updated league table is over on the Prediction League page, and in other Trust news, the new board meet formally for the first time on Thursday evening, along with members of the working group to formulate sub groups to really push the Trust forward, if you feel that you can help us out in any way, get in touch ( and we’ll gladly take up any help we can get.