Board Members

The HUST Board meets every month. Elections for the Board are held at each AGM with applications to join the Board invited to the Election Management Committee beforehand.

The Board also has the power to co-opt members outside of elections to bolster their ranks or complete specific tasks.

The current HUST Board is:

      • Chairman: Richard Tomkins
      • Vice Chairman (Governance): Craig Goodall
      • Vice Chairman (Community & Fundraising): Joanie Roberts
      • Treasurer: Tony Taylor
      • Assistant Treasurer & Assistant Membership: Richard Morgan
      • Co-opted Member – Peter Sell

      The Trust Board have also appointed Trust members to the following roles:

      • Appointed Independent Secretary: David Evans
      • Appointed Membership Secretary : Sarah Hudd
      • Appointed Fundraising Officer: Keith Hall


      Previous Board members: Jack James (2013-14), Gemma Eckley (2013-14), Richard Howard (2013-14), Gary Bradley (2013-14), Paul Stevens (2013-15), Mick Loader (2014-15), Rob Purdie (2014-15), Mitch Stansbury (2014-15), Tony Clifford-Jones (2013-15), Chris Oleksy (2013-15), Martin Watson (2013-16), Andy Swift (2015-16), Chris Williams (2013-16), Tristan Edwards (2016-17). Andy Carr (2015-17), Mike Langford (2014-2018) Russell Cheasley (2015-2018)