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Another Defeat – Prediction League Update

Nuneaton’s penalty was enough to beat the Bulls yesterday, we’ve updated the prediction league accordingly.


We entered 93 predictions for this weeks match, 55% going for a HUFC win, 28% going for honours even & the remaining 17% correctly predicting a defeat.


Of these predictors only 1 correctly predicted the 1-0 defeat. Congratulations Barry the Hatchet who picks up 5 points. 16 further predictors picked up 3 points for the loss before the bonus points were awarded. 8 predictors correctly predicted the goal drought would continue for the Bulls, 7 predicted that we’d lose by a goal & 4 got the score the wrong way around, all of these ‘achievements’ were awarded 1 point each.


The table is up to date with a new leader, this time Barry the Hatchet‘s correct prediction reaps the reward of top spot, who has a total of 77.5 points, with a half point gap back to Terry Jackins and the previous leader Kick in the Bulls. DORSET BULL & ROGER LUNDBERG remain in the top 5, 3 points further back. The biggest mover was Noble Bull who jumped up the table 14 positions.


The monthly table is just one game old, so Barry the Hatchet leads the way with 5 points, ahead of 14 competitors on 4 points.


The table is up to date over on our Prediction League page, go check it out and why not let us know how you’re getting along on our Twitter of Facebook pages.


The next game is Cambridge on the 21st, plenty of time to think about what you think will happen on the last game before Christmas, but once you have come up with your prediction, let us know,


Keep an eye on the Trust website for all the latest news, got any queries, suggestions or just want to talk to us, let us know through any of the email addresses on our contact page.


See you at Edgar Street in a fortnight.