HUST “Edgar Street Golden Goal” Competition

Edgar Street Golden Goal Competition

HUST is delighted to announce the launch of the Edgar Street Golden Goal match-day competition, giving fans a chance to win a guaranteed minimum jackpot of £200 at every Hereford FC game, Home or Away.

Every penny the Supporters Trust receives. from the Edgar Street Golden Goal surplus, will go directly towards raising funds for Hereford FC, promoting the Club in the wider community, encouraging supporter involvement with dialogue, fan representation on the board of Hereford Football Club and Share Ownership.


How does the Competition work? 

Edgar Street Golden Goal tickets are only available online through the purchase links to the HUST Paypal account. This is the proven method we have used for all our online competitions. The big advantage for this type of competition is that we know which tickets have been purchased and so know immediately if we have a winner, or whether the prize rolls forward to the next game. Winners are then paid quickly and easily back into the Paypal account that purchased the ticket.

Tickets are priced at £1 per ticket plus a small Paypal transaction fee. Each ticket has a unique five-second time slot attached. If the first goal of the game is scored in that specific time slot, the supporter with the winning ticket will win a guaranteed £200 prize.

Should no goals be scored in the game, or if a supporter does not hold the winning ticket, then the prize money will roll over into the next home game, where the prize fund will increase by £200 per rollover. The maximum payout is £1,000.

Also, goals will only be counted if they are scored between 00:00-45:00 and 45:01-90:00, meaning injury time goals do not count. Should a goal be scored in injury time or in a penalty shoot out, the rollover rules apply.

The goal time will be determined by the official Edgar Street Golden Goal time keeper. They will be the custodian of the “golden stopwatch” which will give the winning time. The winning time announced by the Edgar Street Golden Goal timekeeper is final. The time will be announced through all the normal channels both at the game and through social media.

The winning supporter is not required to make a claim, we know who you are and will pay  within 14 days of the match. All winners are notified with a personal email of congratulations.

The Golden Goal Prize Jackpot Fund resets and starts at £200.

Should we have a Golden Goal at our next game, but there is NO JACKPOT WINNER, then we will pay out a £100 consolation prize to the CLOSEST TIME SLOT(S). If there are two winners each would get £50.

If there is no Golden Goal then the Jackpot rolls forward and increases by £200.

If there is a Consolation Prize awarded then the Jackpot rolls forward and increases by £100 rather than £200.

The competition will start at the FA Cup game against Gosport Borough on Saturday October 3rd and run for each of the National League North matches, FA Cup and FA Trophy matches played through to the end of the season.

Golden Goal One Game Ticket Options

Golden Goal 5 Match Ticket Options

Golden Goal 10 Match Ticket Options

Golden Goal 20 Match Ticket Options

Terms & Conditions:

  • The Golden Goal will close 24 hours before the kick off of the game to which it relates. So for a 3pm Saturday kick of the Golden Goal will close at 3pm on the Friday before. Or for a 7:45pm Tuesday kick off the Golden Goal will close at 7:45 on the Monday before.
    • Purchases made after the closure time will be automatically carried forward to the next game.
  • There is no limit for the amount of tickets supporters can buy. Supporters may purchase tickets for a number of games in advance; in which case they will retain the same time periods allocated for the duration of their subscription.
    • When a subscription expires, there will be a renewal deadline of 48 hours before kick off time. Renewals received after the cut off will be treated as new subscriptions and new time periods will be allocated.
  • We aim for all subscribers to receive notification by email of their time slots with 8 hours of the Golden Goal closing. So you will be able to participate fully in the Golden Goal experience.
  • Should a game be postponed then the subscriptions will automatically roll forward to the next game.
  • The ‘Golden Goal’ is the first goal scored in the game.
  • No other goals in the game count in this competition.
  • The winning time announced by the HUST Golden Goal timekeeper is final.
  • Only goals scored between 00:00-45:00 and 45:01-90:00 will count.
  • If the first goal of the game is scored in injury time at the end of the first or second half, or during a penalty shoot out, a rollover will apply.
  • If no goal is scored in the match, a rollover will apply.
  • If the winning ticket is not sold, a rollover will apply.
  • Prizes will be paid into the Paypal account used to purchase the ticket.
  • In the event of a rollover, it will be announced via HUST and the Club’s official website before the game.
  • £200 minimum Jackpot prize guaranteed.
  • Maximum rollover prize is £1,000.



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