To participate in any Hereford FC debate on how the HUST shares would vote, or input your view either way, you have to be a MEMBER OF HEREFORD UNITED SUPPORTERS’ TRUST

If you are not a member of HUST you will have no say in how the HUST shares are used.

You can join Hereford United Supporters’ Trust HERE

By becoming a member you will…

Have a Greater Say in the Running of Hereford FC

The Trust has 3 HND’s (HUST Nominated Directors) on the board of Hereford FC, all 3 act as a conduit for Trust members raising any matters of concern or comments on the running of the Club with the other Directors.

The Current HUST Nominated Directors (HND) on the Hereford FC Board are:

  • Tony Taylor : Serving from 2018 – 2025
  • Joanie Roberts : Serving from 2020 – 2026
  • Mike Langford : Serving from 2021- 2024

Members of the Trust, that are over the age of 16, will be entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings of the Trust, and participate in the election process.  Such members will also have the opportunity to have a say on major issues affecting the Club. 

Increase the Proportion of the Club Owned by Fans

Under Hereford FC’s Articles of Association, the Trust can own up to 50% of the shares in the Club.  By becoming a member and by participating in the Trust’s fundraising activities, or making a donation, you will be helping to reach that target which when achieved will strengthen the influence of the Trust members on The Hereford FC Board.

Support Football Development in your Community

From time to time the Trust may make donations or offers other non-financial support to footballing organisations in Hereford and the wider community. For example, in 2015 the Trust sponsored the kit of the United in the Community U18 squad.

Safeguard the Continuance of Professional Football at Edgar Street

Edgar Street is the spiritual home of Football in Hereford.  In October 2013, the Hereford United Supporters’ Trust made an application to Herefordshire Council to list Edgar Street Athletic Ground as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act of 2011. Herefordshire Council accepted the application in December 2013, meaning the ground was listed until December 2018. This has since been renewed again, for a further 5 years (the maximum time allowed for any application) until 2023. 

In addition to safeguarding the ground through the ACV, by becoming a member you will also be demonstrating your commitment to maintaining Edgar Street as the home of professional football in Hereford and ensuring, through the Trust purchasing shares in the Club, that funds are available for the upkeep and improvement of the stadium that will in turn lead to the improved terms and conditions in the lease granted by the Council.

Help in the Drive to Achieve Football League Status

The aim of the Club is to achieve Football League status but to do so in a sustainable way.  By joining the Trust you will have a direct input to achieving this aim by ensuring, through the Trust’s Board and those members on the Board of Hereford FC, that any available funds are expended responsibly.  The greater the number of fans who join the Supporters’ Trust then the greater is the authority of the Trust Board and its influence in the decision making of the Hereford FC Board.

There are FOUR Categories of Trust Membership:

  • Full membership – 5 Year (cost £50 per annum) open to anybody over 16 years of age.  Join online HERE
  • Full membership – 1 Year (cost £10 per annum) open to anybody over 16 years of age.  Join online HERE
  • Junior membership (cost £1 per annum) open to anyone under 16 years of age. Join Online HERE
  • Corporate membership (cost £50 per annum). To find out more and join online HERE

The current investment, from HUST, on behalf of ALL BULLS FANS, is £285,000 which is 50% of the Hereford FC share capital. 

HUST is the largest single shareholder.

Join us TODAY and HAVE YOUR SAY in how the Trust Shares are used. 

Many of our Members also choose to make a donation with their membership – please add the amount you would like to donate to the Membership Total.
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