HUST Prize Bull 500 Club

YOUR CHANCE of winning Weekly, Monthly and Annual prizes of up to £1,500…


Imagine if your next win from the HUST Prize Bull 500 Club is the ‘big one’…

winning £1000 first prize!

NEW Subscriptions MUST be paid by Saturday 23rd December (last home game vs Spennymoor) in order to qualify for entry to the NEW YEAR DRAW.

The rules are simple. The entry tickets are £5 per month or £60 annually, if paying automatically. Single payments of £60 per year by cheque, are allowed.  

The full rules are available for download here.

All you need to do is decide HOW MANY NUMBERS YOU WANT…

You will receive a letter confirming your draw number and details of the period you will be included in the Prize Bull 500 Club draw.

Members must be over 16 years old to join and pay by automated payment or cheque – please email the HUST Treasurer at with any questions regarding payment options.
Select your MONTHLY or YEARLY subscription…


Information you provide will be used to administer your participation in the Prize Bull 500 Club. More information about how we use your data is available in our Privacy Notice

TO BUY TICKETS BY CHEQUE –  PLEASE complete the application form (click here) and hand it back to a HUST board member or post it with your cheque for £60 – per number, made payable to HUST to ‘The Prize Bull 500 Club’ Administrator, HUST, c/o 47, Stanhope Street, Hereford, HR4 0HA

You will receive a letter confirming your draw number and details of the period you will be included in the Prize Bull 500 Club draw.

Since we revamped the 500 Club in May 2017, we have paid out over £34,475 in cash prizes to end of October 2023.

Please note that monthly subscriptions must be received before the monthly draw otherwise your numbers will not be included in that particular draw. We have made the date of the standing order payments for the 20th of each month.

The winning numbers will be posted on the HUST website, and other social media platforms each month. You will also have the option to become a member of HUST once you have joined the 500 Club if you are not already an existing member.

This was an initiative to re-launch the Prize Bull Lottery and generate more income for HUST and Hereford Football Club, and gives members regular chances to win some cash (and other) prizes. Draws take place monthly consisting of 52 weekly draws and 12 monthly draws plus the annual New Year’s Day Draw.

The cash prizes increase as the membership increases and we are sure the winners will be pleased with their winnings which total hundreds and thousands of pounds, on occasions. The rules are fully explained and it is simple to join. The commitment from members is £5 per month which gives you decent odds and you are helping to improve our club, so please give it due consideration and divert some of your disposable income to help HUST and Hereford Football Club, and you never know #YouCouldBeAWinner.