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Prediction League Table Up To Date

The prediction league table has been updated following last night’s defeat to Nuneaton.


12 of our competitors predicted the correct scoreline of a 2-1 defeat, including run-away leader ‘Beanser’ and they all picked up 5 points in the process.


33 further competitors predicted the defeat and picked up 3 points for this.


Bonus points were awarded to 43 who predicted 1 HUFC goal, 5 who guessed the correct margin of defeat (by one goal) & 21 who predicted 2-1 but the wrong way around.


Of our 131 competitors, 35 went for a win, 31 went for a draw & 45 predicted the defeat. We had 20 non-predictors.


Predictions are now being taken for the trip up north to Halifax on Saturday, email with what you think the scoreline will be.


We will soon have news regarding new members of the prediction league team.


In the meantime to view our table, click the prediction league tab above, and click on the table to view it in full.