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Luton Defeat – PL Update

A result we’d rather not talk about, so let’s move straight to the prediction league points, positions & potential prizes.

Due to the magnitude of the defeat it was highly unlikely that any competitor would gain maximum points and this was the case, neither was it likely that anyone would predict the score the wrong way around or get the correct margin, therefore the points were awarded to those who predicted a loss, with the only bonus points going to those who predicted no HUFC goals. Of our 88 predictors the 12 who predicted a win sadly scored zero points, whilst the only points scored by those predicting a draw was for those who predicted a scoreless game. The 63 who went for a Luton win got at least 3 points whilst 33 gained a further point for predicting no goals for the visitors.

The league table has many movers & shakers, although it was not possible for anyone to knock Kick in the Bulls off the top of the table, St Albans Bull moved a point closer and is now 9 points behind the leader. Hereford Bulls 78 is a further 6 points back with ROGER LUNDBERG taking fourth position a further point adrift, Phylo jumps up a position into the top five. 80 competitors moved up or down the table with Rambling Ronnie-69 & Alvin & the Chipshops suffering the most as the both dropped 10 places down the table. 15 games still remain with 90 points still up for grabs before the end of the season meaning 107 competitors are still in with a chance of taking the top spot.

For the month of February with 2 games gone, 2 defeats and 2 games to go, we are effectively half way through a depressing month. Another trip on the road to Dartford follows yesterday’s debacle with a DOUBLE POINTS round at home against Macclesfield so 15 points are still up for grabs. Tricky Tree, old bull, Giant Anteater LoopyLou currently hold top spot on 8 points with 5 further competitors just a point behind. All competitors are still available to win the monthly prize.

The current booby-prize position holders include Robbie Williams (17th), No Competitor matches the Bulls point total, whilst thefatbull is the least successful continuous competitor. 15 games to go.

The next game is against Dartford we’re taking predictions up until the 3pm Kick off on Saturday. Email us using with your next prediction. In the meantime, our table is up to date over on the Prediction League Page.