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Goals? – Is that really you Hereford United? – Prediction League Update

We Scored! Not once, but TWICE! (Should have been at least 3). Sadly, a couple of terrible individual errors by DLW & to extent Mr Bush (you put your foot through it every over time, why not when you try to clear off the goal line?) caused us to draw against what was a fairly poor Chester side. Shame really, but maybe Dyer can teach the rest of the strikers how to score now!


We had a ton of predictions with 77% going for a win for the Mighty Whites, 19% correctly predicting a draw, whilst 4 pessimists predicted a win for the side in purple (was it just me who thought they resembled the former fictional Sky One series ‘Dream Team’ football club Harchester United? – Yeah? – Ok, I’ll move on). Amazingly out of 100 people, not one person was able to predict the 2-2 score-line, so the maximum 5 points available were not picked up. But, as is the case with draws, 4 points were picked up by the 19 competitors who went for either a 1-1 or a goalless draw as 3 points were picked up for the correct result with a bonus point for the correct margin (zero). The only other bonus points were awarded for those who predicted the correct number of HUFC goals, 44 participants managed to gain 1 point each for either predicting a 2-1 or 2-0 victory, which it should have been. It was impossible to have an inverse score-line.


So to the table, 91 competitors have moved position since sunday’s table. Although it’s Barney Rubble who still leads the way, yet, his lead is cut to just 1 point after DORSET BULL jumped 3 positions into second place, a further point behind and still in third spot is Kick in the Bulls who sits a further point ahead of Terry Jackins & ROGER LUNDBERG who complete the top 5. The biggest movers after yesterday’s game was shared between pricejames87 & Giant Anteater who both moved up 16 positions respectively.


3 Games down so far in the month of Movember, and after a half point start, followed by a double points round, we’ve had our first regular points round in what seems like a very long time! Leading the way, for the month is GemmaLou1511 who up until the end of October was the least successful continuous competitor, so it shows how easy it is for participants to turn things around, she has gained 15.5 points so far which is 1 and a half points more than closest rivals BenSmithsDislocatedShoulder & Podge who are on 14 points, half a point ahead of The Undertakers who is a further point in front of Singe.


The table is up to date and over on the Prediction League Page, so be sure to head over there and see how you are getting along. In other Trust News, our AGM is only a day away, being hosted in Radfords, from 7.30pm with a open forum afterwards at 8pm to discuss how the trust intends to move in the future. If you can make it, we’d love to see you there helping us achieve our goals. Head over to our news pages for more details.


The next game is Saturday, away at Southport, and we are welcoming your predictions through which will need to be entered before 3pm on the 16th. We’re hoping for a HUFC win!