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You should’ve gone with your Heart! – PL Update

Well, Well, Well, who’d have thought that would happen, a Michael Rankine goal beats the league leaders and it improves many moods around Edgar Street. Yet, only 23% of our 91 entrants felt it would be our guys in white taking the 3 points today. Head over heart for the remainder maybe, and a recent run of form would agree with you no doubt, luckily we’re all happy regardless! 19% went for a draw, whilst 58% felt the league leaders would show their class.


Of the 21 who went for a win, 6 correctly predicted the 1-0 score-line. Congratulations to Arch of Lemner, gaztango, Alastairhufc, Organic, Rambling Ronnie-69 & bmth bull. They all picked up 5 points each. The remaining 15 win predictors picked up 3 points before bonuses. 36 Competitors managed to pick up a bonus point for the correct number of HUFC goals (1), 10 correctly got the margin of (+1) also picking up a point, whilst 2 competitors got a point for getting the score the wrong way around.


So Cambridge remain top of the league with the Bulls in their ‘natural’ 17th position, but what about our prediction league table? It’s oh so tight at the top, Terry Jackins is our Christmas number 1, this new leader regains top spot on the basis of correct score-lines, ahead of ROGER LUNDBERG who is in turn ahead of Kick in the Bulls on correct results, all three on 78 points and only half a point ahead of previous leader Barry the Hatchet. There is a further 2.5 point gap back to DORSET BULL on 75 points completing the top 5. Our biggest mover after today’s game was Alaistairhufc who has jumped 18 positions up the table, well done!


The monthly table is also tight, with 14 competitors on 5 points after 2 games, 18 on 4 points, 5 on 3 points, 1 on 2 points & 33 with 1 point so far this December. With a game on Boxing Day away to Kiddy & the Televised DOUBLE POINTS visit of the Gumpers in a weeks time 15 points are still available to grab, anyone, even a new competitor can come in and take the monthly prize, so make sure to get those predictions in over the next week!


The current end of season booby prizes squatters are as follows; Phylo (17th Position) & MPG2000 (Our least successful continuous competitor), no competitors are currently matching the Bulls points total (28 points), still plenty of games to go until this is all decided though!


Our table is as you have come to expect, is up to date and over on the prediction league page, give it a click and see how you’re getting along, plan your route up it, and get yourself above your mates! Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or the Forums how you’re getting along.


We’re happily taking predictions for the Kidderminster Away match on Boxing Day, and we’ll be sending out reminder emails on Christmas Eve as we’ve allowed James one day off!! So get them in using and give us your gut feeling about how we’ll get along against the guys in the neighbouring county.


The prediction league team wish you all the Merriest of Christmas’ and we are so glad of a HUFC win to take us into the festive period. Keep up those predictions & keep us busy!