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A Win and One More Needed – PL Update

Yesterday, Hereford United not only won, they scored 3 TIMES!


We had 61 predictions for the game and 54% went correctly for a win! YAY! 25% went for a draw and the 21% went home happy even though they predicted the loss. Not one predictor went for the 3-2 score-line so the 33 predictors who went for a Hereford win got 3 points before bonuses. 5 Bonus points were awarded for predicting 3 Hereford Goals, whilst 22 went for a 1 goal margin of victory, not one predictor got the score the wrong way around.


The top of the table is still much the same, Kick in the Bulls goes into the last game of the season with 2 point lead to DORSET BULL and 5.5 points ahead of Barry the Hatchett, all 3 still in contention for the top prize. Arch of Lemner jumps into the top 5 ahead of fsqatech. 9 predictors moved 6 positions, 5 upwards, 4 downwards.


The monthly table is one game left until completion. LoopyLou now leads the way by 2 points ahead of 4 competitors who have 11 points. 6 further competitors are another 2 points behind and there are still 62 competitors in with a chance of winning the top prize with 10 points on offer for the final game of the season, which is one of our world famous DOUBLE POINTS ROUNDS!


So, Saturday really is a crunch game, we need a win, nothing less, no more time to mess around, and then we have to rely on Salisbury as well. up until kick off on Saturday and for the last time James will be taking your prediction.


James has decided to step down from his role as prediction league maestro at the end of the season, so give him a big thanks for all his hard work this past season when you send that final prediction. Without him the prediction league would have been much worse, that is for sure as you’d have to put up with my miserable tones throughout! But in all seriousness, I cannot over-value the hard work James has put in this season and I (and all the Trust board) thank him for all he has done for the prediction league this year, for a youngster he has kept his head screwed on and helped us out no end, leaving me free to work on other issues for the Trust. If we do a prediction league next season (we couldn’t have picked a rougher season to start – on or off the pitch) we’ll be looking for a few hands to help out and suggestions on how to improve the league. So what this space.


More HUST news will be coming along shortly, so have your eye out here on our website, but for the mean time get over to the prediction league page for a penultimate look at the prediction league table. What will those 10 points on offer Saturday do for you?


See you in Aldershot.