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The Prediction League has been updated after the survival victory against Aldershot and what a day it was! See the prediction league page. What an end to the season it was, it took a miracle and thankfully that miracle came from Michael Rankine & Jamie White of the (other) whites made us all extremely happy. Some times it has been hard to come up with the words for these prediction league articles, with some of the dross we’ve been served up in the past 10 months, but to survive in the way we did left me speechless for hours after the game had concluded, overjoyed doesn’t come near to describing it. And a final apology from me for getting the prediction article up so late – pressures elsewhere finally getting the better of me right at the end of the season!

So for one last time, let’s get to the predictions. For the final game of the season, with all on tender-hooks we managed to collate 55 predictions for this match (we had email problems late last week so we apologise if you were affected in any way in regards to this). The predictors were confident of the victor with 60% plugging on a win, 11% went for a draw and 29% felt Aldershot would consign us to even more misery by winning the game themselves. 19 predictors gained the maximum 10 points on offer in the final DOUBLE POINTS ROUND. Congratulations to Kick in the Bulls, Phylo, St Albans Bull, Enforcerbull, Singe, GemmaLou1511, BenSmithsDislocatedShoulder, Podge, Squinny, Pricer 103, stevehalesowen, castlebull, mikey50boy, Stylabull, Organic, lilywhite, Pricers Princesses, TMA & catbull. 14 further predictors gained 6 points for predicting the win. Bonus points were awarded at 2 a piece for 5 entrants who predicted 2 goals to the Hereford, 6 entrants who predicted a win by a one goal margin and 4 participants who went for a 2-1 win, but to the wrong team!

So, what it do to our table, well, of course like he has done since Kidderminster Away back on Boxing Day, Kick in the Bulls has kept his lead and become the inaugural HUST PREDICTION LEAGUE CHAMPION. Congratulations to him and his fantastic predicting skills, to hold the top spot for 23 games straight is one great achievement. His 10 points on the final day reaffirmed his top spot as he won the league by 12 points from DORSET BULL who will receive the runners up prize. Barry the Hatchett also gets a prize for finishing in 3rd place 15 and a half points behind our Champion. fsqatech & Graeme159 were fourth and fifth respectively with Phylo, St Albans Bull, Arch of Lemner, Enforcerbull & Singe completing the top 10. Thank you to everyone who competed this year.

Booby prizes have now been allocated, Podge will be receiving a prize for finishing in 20th spot (the same position as the Bulls) & thefatbull was one of 13 competitors who predicted for every game, he was the least successful of all of them and picks up a prize – maybe he was just too optimistic! Sadly no predictor matched the Bull’s points tally so we were unable to award the final booby prize for anyone finishing on 51 points!

For the month of April, 6 games produced a battle for that final monthly prize, but it was HUST Secretary GemmaLou1511 who took the most points with 21 for the month after taking maximum points in the last game, she was 2 points ahead of nearest rivals Squinny, Alaistairhufc & Alvin & the Chipshops who scored 19 points each and were one point ahead of Podge, Organic, Stylabull & catbull.

All Prize winners will be contacted shortly in regards to their prizes and they will get sent out in due course.



Who likes a stat then?

We had a total of 133 predictors during the season, 5 of which only predicted once all year long – that’s not how to do it guys! 13 predictors predicted for every single game.

James & myself logged 4740 predictions during the season and average of 94.8 prediction per game. The most popular predicted score-line was a 2-1 win to Hereford a score that was predicted 1108 times although points were only awarded for this score twice all season both time in DOUBLE POINTS ROUNDS! The second most popular prediction was a 1-1 draw (predicted 856 times) followed by a 1-0 & 2-0 win (455 & 438 times respectively) the most popular defeat prediction was a 2-1 reverse with this score being predicted 335 times.

352 correct score-lines were predicted throughout the season, with DORSET BULL grabbing the most with 9 correct predictions throughout the season, Phylo predicted the correct score 8 times,  3 predictors got the score right 7 times, 6 did the same thing six time, with 93 other predictors predicting the right score line between 1 and 5 times – coincidently our champion only got the score-line correct once in every 10 games.

1267 correct results (when the score-line was predicted spot on) were awarded with 3 points throughout the season, and it was Kick in the Bulls who took advantage of these points the most, predicting the correct result 20 times in 50 games.

The next best result predictors were Barry the Hatchett, fsqatech, Ruralbull, LoopyLou & Credenhillbull who predict 17 correct results resulting in at least 3 points a time. Only 6 predictors didn’t once get a correct result or score-line throughout the season, but most of them only predicted once or twice and gave up – bunch of quitters!!

Throughout the season we awarded 1736 Bonus Points out for when the score-line wasn’t spot on, but the predictor got either the right number of HUFC goals, the correct margin of victory/defeat/draw or when they managed to get the score the wrong way around! The competitors with the most bonus points throughout the season were Barry the Hatchett & GemmaLou1511 who picked up 26 points throughout the season which was one more than Arch of Lemner & Kick in the Bulls.

And what about those pesky DOUBLE POINTS ROUNDS? Well here is what the table would have looked like if we didn’t include them. Only 14 of our 133 competitors would have held the same position but it still wouldn’t have changed the position of our champion. Whilst Barry the Hatchett & DORSET BULL would have still held 2nd and 3rd spot, just the opposite way around. So they weren’t as controversial as folk made out.

Carnybull average the most points per prediction after gaining 8 points from 2 games (4 points per game) decided not to compete any further, Wills Boys (3.25 points per game) managed 13 points from 4 predictions and then unsurprisingly Kick in the Bulls was third with 150 points from 47 predictions at an average of 3.1949 points per prediction. Beanser who was our early leader up until his flounce averaged over 3 points per prediction also.

6259 HUFC goals were predicted during the season over the 4740 predictions with the average predictor going for 1.32 HUFC goals per game as opposed to the 0.8 that they achieved.

2531 wins were predicted throughout the season the biggest by MW who predicted a 14-0 win over Aldershot in the last game of the season! Snoopy predicted the most wins going for a 2-0 win in all 47 participations! 1110 Draws were predicted throughout the season, the biggest being a 5-5 by Barney Rubble who also went crazy for the final game of the season. Chile Bull & OllieMase18 predicted the most draws, 23 times in 50 rounds! 1043 defeats were predicted throughout the season, the most negative coming from comptitors who went for either 5-0 to the bad guys or 8-3! This happened on 12 occasions. The most negative predictor was LoopyLou who predicted a defeat in 3 out of every 5 games.

Want another stat? Have a stat request – email us using and we’ll do our best to provide you with one.



As announced a few games ago James will be stepping down from Prediction League duties, we are looking for a few more hands to help with this operation, keep it running as smoothly as possible in the future and live up to the high standards James set. So if you are interested in helping out the prediction league for next season email us and let us know so we can get you involved.

Got any ideas on how to improve the Prediction League? Let us know, we always welcome new ideas and input –

Finally, we will look into the possibility of running a Prediction League for the world cup this summer. We’ll put out some feelers in the next few weeks. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for your continued support of the Prediction League and the Supporters Trust throughout the season. Sometimes it’s been hard, sometimes it’s been great fun, we never enjoyed awarding points for defeats whilst a special mention has to go out to the entertainment TMA gave us in his emails! We hope you enjoyed our Prediction League and once again congratulations to our prize winners and our Champion.