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World Cup



A reminder of the two activities HUST are running during the world cup.


HUST World Cup Fantasy Football League

Take on your fellow Bulls fans with the winner receiving a signed HUFC shirt from circa 2003 (to be confirmed – image to follow) which has previously been donated to HUST.

To join the league simply enter your team on the Sun’s website ( – it’s free to enter, then select join a mini league and enter the following details;




HUST Golden Goals Sweepstake

Hereford United Supporters Trust have introduced a Sweepstake with a difference ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.The aim of the sweepstake is to find the winner of the FIFA Golden Boot, the entrant who has randomly drawn the top scorer in the World Cup will win a cash prize. The cash prize will depend on the number of entrants, with 160 entries to be taken up at just £3 a go.

Each team will be represented by 5 entries each, 4 players (strikers/attacking midfielders) who are most likely to score the goals for their nation* & a catch all for any other player representing said nation with 32 countries competing for the right to be named World Champions.

The maximum prize fund will be (should all 160 entries be sold) £400, with HUST taking 50p per entry to cover PayPal costs etc. Should all the entries not be taken up, a Charity will take the entries and be donated the winnings should they be victorious. The prizes are allocated as follows;

1st Place – 25% of the prize fund (Max £100)

2nd Place – 12.5% (Max £50)

3rd Place – 7.5% (Max £30)

A Player on the World Cup Winning Team – 5% (5 x Winners) (Max £20 each)

Hat Trick Bonus – 7.5%** (Max £30)

Lowest Scoring Team in the Competition – 2.5% (5 x Entrants) (Max £10 each)

Highest Scoring Team in a Group (at the completion of a Group Stage) – 1.25% each (8 x Winners) (Max £5 each)

Prizes will be shared on a Pro Rata basis if more than one entrant has the same result.

Once you have made your entry, you will be automatically entered into our Random Draw which will take place on the evening before the first match between Brazil & Croatia on the 12th June, we will then publish the entries here on our website as well as sending an email confirmation to you with your player(s) to cheer on throughout the summer.

To enter click the following link and pay via PayPal.

We require at least 100 entries to make the prize fund viable. Should we not be able to obtain such a number of entries we will refund your payment and the sweepstake will become void.