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HUST/HUISA Meeting June 9th

The board of HUST and the HUISA committee met tonight to discuss current events.

The group were introduced to Mark Ellis, who is to be recruiting players for the club over the coming month. He outlined the way he wanted to recruit players and the way he wanted to set up training diaries and plans. He was unable to talk about the business side as it was not his remit.

Due to the recent events at the club, HUST and HUISA discussed what options were open to us and at present, until the club’s future is decided, we have little option other than to sit and wait.

HUST have invited HUISA to affiliate and work with them and HUISA will take this forward to members at the forthcoming AGM. It is felt that HUST’s access to knowledge and legal expertise would be invaluable to the future of Hereford United.

HUISA will discuss the matter at their forthcoming AGM and will go with the majority of votes cast. HUISA will still have it’s own identity and committee, and still carry on doing what they have been doing successfully over the last two decades.