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Oh Dear – PL Update

5 losses in a row, let’s not say anymore.


83 Predictions came in for yesterday’s game. 17% correctly predicted a loss, 46% went for a win & the remaining 37% went for a draw. fsqatech, BenSmithsDislocatedShoulder, DannyHUFC, ngwilliam, castlebull, LoopyLou, Charlie’s Libbyrated Army & Pricers Princesses all predicted the 2-0 defeat, and 5 points were given to them for this. 6 further predictors got at least 3 points for predicting a loss. Bonus points were given as follows; 11 predictors gained a point for predicting zero HUFC goals & 10 entrants got the score the wrong way around. No points were awarded for the margin of defeat.


The table has been updated in it’s usual spot on the prediction league page, Kick in the Bulls has guaranteed at least one more game in top spot, but has seen his lead cut to 6 points by DORSET BULL. Barry the Hatchet remains in third spot 10.5 points off the leader & 3.5 points ahead of St Albans Bull who is joined by Phylo who has jumped into the top 5 on 103 points. LoopyLou and Charlie’s Libbyrated Army were the biggest movers both jumping 13 positions up the table. 70 points are still available to achieve in this years prediction league with 12 games remaining this season, 102 competitors can still win the league.


The monthly table is one game old, with 6 games remaining in March; 8 competitors have 5 points, 4 entrants on 4 points, 2 predictors on 3 points & 17 have a single point after yesterdays game.


We’re looking to Braintree away next weekend, and hopefully rewarding our predictors with points as the Bulls pick up points. It is not nice predicting a defeat, it’s even worse awarding points for it! Be positive, predict that Saturday will be the game that revives our season. Email James using with how you think we’ll get on in Essex.


Now, get over to the prediction league page, and once you’ve finished, have a look around the Trust Website, with plenty of news being announced all the time.


Please note: there may be a slight delay in processing and presenting the table next week, due to other commitments. We will do our best to get it up in good time, but please excuse us for any delay.