Membership Renewals Now Due

Memberships are now due for renewal with the HUST year running from AGM to AGM. Renewals can be completed online or in person at the forthcoming Fans Team game against Walsall Legends on Sunday, October 5th at Pegasus Juniors’ Old School Lane ground.


The Board of HUST have received a number of complaints that it was not made sufficiently clear that memberships ran until the AGM and not for a full 12 month period from the date of joining. The Board have agreed that they could have made the point clearer and have agreed a discounted renewal rate for the coming year to anyone that joined HUST in the second half of the 2013/14 period.


Members whose membership numbers are between 345 and 692 inclusive that joined after January 31st can renew for £5 instead of £10 by renewing in person, or through the buy cialis Online shop on the website –


Members after number 698 have already received membership for the 2014/15 year as part of the previously announced offer for August.


Members that joined up before January 31st, and Junior members, can renew on the website through the Membership form link


The 2014/15 Membership form is also available to download as a PDF file –


All monies collected through membership fees are put, after minimal admin costs, towards HUST’s Aims and Objectives. Each member gets a say on what HUST ultimately does, so the membership fees are used to meet the desires of the membership.


Should you have any queries on renewals please do not hesitate to contact us.



19th September 2014.