Martin Watson Departure From Hereford FC

Martin Watson Departure From Hereford FC

HUST is saddened to learn of the departure of Martin Watson from his post at the Football Club. Martin is a passionate fan of many years standing, firstly with Hereford United and then Hereford FC. He has played significant roles in ensuring we can all enjoy football at Edgar Street. Martin took part in the formation of Hereford United Supporters’ Trust in the latter days of HUFC and became a HUST Nominated Director on the board of the newly formed Hereford FC. Later Martin took the post of football secretary. 

HUST is aware that supporters will have been taken aback by this news. What we can say is that HUST and HFC are working very closely in these difficult times and indeed we will be welcoming Club Chairman, Rob Crawford to our next board meeting. Over the last few months, for the first time in quite a while we have had three fully functioning HUST Nominated Directors (HND’s) on the club board. They along with the other club directors have been working extremely hard to make a success of our club, particularly at this very difficult time. 

While we are now provided with regular updates about the running of the club, we are sure fans will know that some things must remain confidential within the club and this has to include such things as the reasons for Martin’s departure. HUST would not and should not expect to be told those reasons because they are undoubtedly personal to Martin. We remain sure that there is a valid explanation.

Peter Sell, HUST chair says “Martin recruited me as a member of HUST, right at the start of HFC. Although I haven’t had the chance to talk to him very much, to me in many ways he has always been Mr HFC. What a big loss I am sure he will be”.

Richard Tomkins, current HUST board member and previous HUST chair recalls “I knew Martin way back in the days of HUISA when we liaised with Martin in the VPs Club. Martin’s passion for our club is evident for anyone who speaks with him, and when HUFC was wound up in December 2014 Martin spoke emotionally for all supporters on that fateful day. But with others, Martin had the determination to reform the club”.

HUST recognises and thanks Martin for his contribution to our club’s cause over many years.