HUST Continue with a Close Season ONLINE Draw to Support Hereford FC

HUST Continue with a Close Season ONLINE Draw to Support Hereford FC


As a result of government advice; the National League has suspended all games until at least 3rd April 2020. In practice there could be no more home games before the current season was due to end.

With the prospect of no football revenue and a mountain of outgoings to be paid, now is the time to get behind our Club and support HUST in its efforts to maintain the stability of Hereford Football Club.

Whilst there are no physical matches, HUST will continue with a CLOSE SEASON ONLINE DRAW every week during the suspension of the National League.

THANK YOU to everyone who entered the first one on Saturday March 21st 2020.  The winners were announced on Radio HFC and posted on Social Media.

We are continuing, for the time being, with a Draw every Saturday until further notice….

There are TWO options:

Close Season Draw = Enter ONE DRAW ONLY – Saturday 26th September 2020 (Draw 17)


Close Season DOUBLE Draw =  Enter  TWO SEPARATE DRAWS – Saturday 26th September 2020 PLUS Saturday 3rd October 2020. (Draw 17 + Draw 18)

There are NO physical tickets so here is the procedure for the draw:

      • Closing time for purchase of tickets will be  3pm on THE DAY OF THE DRAW
      • In order to allow this, there will be notification email from Mailchimp with your ticket number for the draw UNTIL after 3pm.
      • The prize pool will be 50% of the total ticket sales for each draw
      • We will announce the winner on Radio Hereford FC and on social media at 3.45pm.
      • HUST will notify Online winners by Email there will be no need to make a claim. So even if you cannot listen to Radio Hereford FC you can still participate.
      • The prize money will be paid through Paypal within ten working days of the game
      • This is currently a manual process so please allow enough time and buy your tickets early,  ahead of each Draw.

Close Season Draw Ticket Options


In order to participate you will need:-

      • To be able to make a payment through Paypal in order to buy your Matchday Draw Tickets. This is easy to do and can be done using a debit or credit card. You just need a valid Email address and your Paypal account is created. Having a Paypal account enables us to contact you by Email to confirm you have winning ticket and pay your prize money. There is a small cost of using Paypal which we have had included in online the ticket price.

We are never going to be able to match the stellar success of the previous combined matchday and online draw. This season, at our 20 games so far, we have paid out £12,350 in prize money, equivalent to £617 per game. Of that £980 has be won by online subscribers. But we feel it is important to give it a try!


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