Your Club Needs You!

Donate whatever you can via our GOFUNDME page.

Perhaps you can give part of what you would have spent on your Match Ticket or refreshments. Donate as a “one-off” or make a regular payment.

With the prospect of no football revenue and a mountain of outgoings to be paid, now is the time to get behind our Club and support HUST in its efforts to maintain the stability of Hereford Football Club.

EVERY PENNY**  will go to the Club with the added bonus that it will buy more shares to give the fans a leading say in the running of the Club.

HUST is geared up and ready to assist with this major obstacle on behalf of the Club, the Fans and the Community. Why not join HUST now. Your £10 membership fee will also go straight to The Club and give YOU a say in its future.

Join HUST Here

** There is a small deduction for debit or credit card charges