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Election Update – 2015/2016 HUST Election Candidates

The EMG has now contacted the nine Trust members who were nominated for the Board elections.

Eight candidates have confirmed that they wish to proceed with the election process.  One candidate has indicated that they wish to withdraw.

As there are now eight candidates for eight available positions there is no requirement for an election ballot and the HUST members named below will be put to the membership at a Special General Meeting for approval  as HUST Board directors.  The election timetable proposed that the SGM would be on 18th February and the HUST Board will confirm this is in due course.

Tristan Edwards (nominated by Andy Carr and Gary Bradley)

Richard Tompkins (nominated by Ian Mann and Pam Mann)

Andy Carr (nominated by Tristan Edwards and Richard Goodman)

Russell Cheasley (nominated by Steve Niblett and Will Cheshire)

Francis Williams (nominated by Derek Pritchard and Keith Hall)

Craig Goodall (nominated by Tim Burrows and Mitch Stansbury)

Mike Langford (nominated by Nigel Marks and Derek Pritchard)

Andy Swift (nominated by Karen Spooner and Derek Pritchard)

Candidate Statements from each of the above candidates will be published on the HUST website shortly.

The EMG would also like to thank Peter Davies for his participation in the election process.  Mr Davies was nominated for election but has now withdrawn from the process.  Mr Davies has asked the EMG to communicate his reasons for withdrawing from the election which are as follows:  “Now that enough members have come forward to form a full-strength board  I wish to withdraw my candidacy, so that the number of candidates is equal to the vacant places on the board, to save HUST further election expense.  I would rather that money be spent on increasing the Trust’s shareholding in the club.”

If you have any queries about the election please do not hesitate to contact the HUST Election Management Group:

Complaints or concerns relating to the election process may be directed to the independent chairman of the EMG Niel Le Milliere: