Volunteer To Help HUST

A number of roles are soon to be needed to be filled as the HUST board prepares for the new season and a number of new responsibilities.

We will be seeking sellers for the matchday draw that we will be operating in the coming season. This will be a task for each matchday mostly for the  hour immediately before kick-off. If you are interested in the position please contact chairman@hufctrust.co.uk.

We are also considering operating matchday travel and would require a co-ordinator to run the service. If you have an interest in the role please contact chairman@hufctrust.co.uk.

We will also, finally, be seeking local shops and pubs to sell Prize Bull lottery tickets for the draw each week. If you are interested helping HUST by selling tickets, please email prizebull@hufctrust.co.uk and we will be in contact when plans progress.