Update On Today’s Proceedings

HUST have received the following statement from Doug Carroll, head of Newell Properties Developments Limited who withdrew from investment talks with the club, and we are happy to publish it:


Newell Properties Developments Limited has withdrawn its support to Hereford United FC and from hereon in has no involvement whatsoever with the club.


HUST have asked questions regarding the reasons behind their actions, and when they chose to withdraw, but they declined to comment further only adding they had been ‘bombarded with numerous calls and emails’ but made no reference whatsoever to any abuse claimed elsewhere.

HUST asks all supporters to leave Newell Properties Developments Limited alone to go about their business. HUST would also like to remind all parties that abuse via electronic means is a contravention of UK law.

With that in mind, we call on Andy Lonsdale to identify to the relevant authorities the person(s) who are responsible for the voicemails that were reported on last week. The club was swift to label the recordings as fake, but Mr Lonsdale has since acknowledged to The Observer and BBC Hereford and Worcester that the recordings are genuine and that he knows the identity of the person(s) in the recordings.


Finally we would like to comment on Mr Lonsdale’s query of HUST’s “hidden agenda” made to BBC Hereford and Worcester and remind Mr Lonsdale that HUST is a democratic organisation with every member having a single vote, meaning no one member or small group of members can dictate the direction of the organisation. The decision to boycott the club was made by the individual members and they will continue to shape the future thoughts of HUST.

If Mr Lonsdale, or anyone else, wishes to change HUST’s “mind” then it is the individual members – not any single individual – that will need convincing.

Anyone can join HUST and have their say on HUST’s future. The cost is £10 per year, running to the AGM in September, and membership can be completed online – https://www.hufctrust.co.uk/membership-form/