Update On Boycott & AGM

HUST continues to monitor the situation with Hereford United with regards to the settling of the debts towards meeting the terms of the boycott. There were three terms to be settled – the winding up petitions, the Council debt, and the football creditors.


We note that Martin Foyle has had his claim settled, but the winding up petition continues with a further 42 day adjournment. We also note that the Council have not been paid, nor have several of the football creditors who have told us in the last 24 hours that they are still awaiting payment.


We stated three weeks ago that the ending of the boycott, by the club settling the debts, was entirely at their discretion with Andy Lonsdale having told fans that the club had substantial investment incoming and that they “won’t have any problems satisfying the petition”.


We urge Andy Lonsdale to explain in clear terms what has happened to the announced investment from 57% owners Alpha Finance, and another unnamed party, and when fans can expect that money to arrive at the club. We also urge him to disclose when the Council can expect their money, and we also ask him to explain why the majority of football creditors have seen no movement in their debt despite promises made at the CVA meetings nearly four weeks ago.


Our AGM will be held at the Richmond Club on Thursday, September 18th, starting at 7.30pm. A debate on the boycott is likely to feature prominently in the discussions amongst our members.