Treasurer Mike Joins HFC Board

The Board of Hereford FC and the HUST Board are pleased to announce that HUST Treasurer Mike Langford has been appointed to the Hereford FC Board as the third HUST Director of the Club.

Mike’s appointment was ratified by the Hereford FC Board last week with the necessary paperwork due to be filed at Companies House. He joins HUST Chairman Chris Williams and Vice Chairman Martin Watson on the football club board.

Mike worked for Lloyds Bank for 37 years and came to Hereford in 1988 to run the Business Centre. Mike spent the last 14 years as Senior Manager for Lloyds Corporate Banking, looking after the larger corporate businesses before retirement.

Speaking about his appointment Mike says he is keen to encourage supporter involvement at Edgar Street: “I think it is important that this club is run on a sound financial footing with as much supporter involvement as possible. This is a community focussed club and I’m pleased to see that we are all pulling in the same direction to make the club successful again.”