Thanks From Badge 2 Designer

Kev Payne, designed of the second badge in the Hereford FC competition, has written the following:


I’m Kev, the designer of Badge 2 and just wanted to say how proud I was to even be considered as being the new club badge.

In the end, disappointed as I am to not have the privilege of adorning the shirt, badge 3 was entirely the right choice and I knew there was only one winner pretty earlier on. The best thing is that it was chosen by the fans and designed by a fan and his sons – what a perfect indication of how the new club should be. I am a Norwich City fan but wanted to submit a design as a close friend I made at uni years ago was a Hereford United fan and season ticket holder and I am sure will be with the new club. I’m also pretty much sure that everyone who has ever met him knew every word to the Hereford United song within 24 hours!

I was lucky enough to visit Edgar Street on a few occasions – saw a thrilling FA cup win against Brighton and also had a photo with GT when we watched them in Exeter in 2004. (I’m the guy in red) I’ve also got the home shirt from the 93-94 season. I am so pleased to see the progress of the new club and hope it is the start of great things as the whole area should have a club that their passionate support deserves. I may not have won the badge competition but I’d love to have a go at designing the kit so watch this space! Good luck with everything and I look forward to coming along and cheering on the team at some point next season.