HUST are pleased to announce that another £5,000 was paid into the Club for Easter week. This follows quickly on the other donations made since Christmas. For this we get shares in the Club, and to Hereford FC this is a straight cash injection. There are no restrictions on how Hereford FC can use the money for the benefit of the Club.

HUST Chairman, Richard Tomkins says “Thanks to the goodwill and support of the Club’s fans, a few pounds here and there have amounted very quickly and so we are able to donate further funds to HFC at the earliest opportunity. I was delighted that HUST received a special mention for our contributions from Peter Churchus, Club Finance Director, at the recent Shareholders quarterly review meeting. HUST will continue to do online fundraising over the close season and I see our products as complementary to the Club’s Squad Builder. I’m going to Edgar Street with our ‘big cheque’ so often now that I’ve had to buy a new marker pen because the old pen has run out!”

L-R : Jon Hale, Chairman of Hereford FC – Tilly Page, HFC Food & Beverages Manager – Richard Tomkins, Chairman of HUST

Jon Hale, Chairman of Hereford FC said “Thank you to HUST for their latest purchase of shares to the value of £5,000. As ever, we are extremely grateful to our loyal fanbase for supporting their fund-raising efforts, which continue to help the club financially. We value your support, as we continue our planning for next season.”

So far this season HUST has now invested an amazing £25,000 into Hereford FC, a valuable straight cash contribution, in what has been a difficult year financially for our Club.

This takes the HUST Shareholding and Fan Ownership to £271,000 with a target is to reach £289,000 by 31st May 2023 and so own 50% of the Hereford FC Share Capital.

Thank you for your continued support.


If you would like to take part, check out our current fundraising options: