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Message from the Treasurer

Mike Langford the HUST Treasurer writes:

I would like to thank everyone who has donated monies to HUST for the purpose of Share Purchase, either by a one-off donation or by making regular monthly standing order payments. Every penny is gratefully received and will go to helping HUST purchase its allocation of £250,000 of shares over the next three years. The numbers who have donated are far too great to thank individually. For those of you who would like to donate, the facility is available via Paypal or direct to HUST’s bank account with the Co-operative Bank, Business Direct, P O Box 250, Skelmerdale, WN8 6WT, account number 65682272 and sort code 08-92-99. The latter is the more efficient financial route as Paypal do take a small commission on every transaction and we have now negotiated free banking for the next 6 months with the Co-op Bank.

Whilst Share Purchase donations and Membership fees have provided the bulk of the cash in the bank, the Prize Bull Lottery is gaining momentum and starting to generate a rapidly increasing monthly income. It is essential that HUST quickly establishes a sustainable regular income from this source which does have the added attraction to supporters of the chance of winning a cash prize, which this week will be £2,875. Entry forms can be collected from the ground or you can enter via Paypal. Andy Swift has recently taken over the running of the Prize Bull Lottery and has ideas and plans to take it forward.

One of the interesting donations received was a cheque for £100 from the Brighton & Hove Albion Supporters Trust and I quote from their letter:
“We were saddened by what happened to Hereford United last year but are pleased to note the excellent progress made in setting up the new Hereford FC, especially with a lease agreed for Edgar Street.
Of course we are all aware of the history between our two clubs and that horrible day back in April 1997. While Brighton fans were pleased with the outcome for our club, we were saddened that we could only save ourselves by condemning Hereford to the Conference.
We also remember our match at home to Hereford that season as it was the subject of a mass walkout in protest at the people who then owned our club. A number of visiting Hereford fans also walked out that night, showing solidarity with our cause. Now we would like to show our solidarity with your cause. A £100 donation is insignificant in the costs of running a football club but we make it in the spirit of friendship and hopefully draw a line under the past differences between us.
We wish you all the very best for the future and hope that Hereford FC will, in the not too distant future ascend to the ranks of the Football League. Good luck!”

What a tremendous gesture and I have responded accordingly.

Our first cheque for £25,000 of shares has now been passed to the Directors of Hereford FC.