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Matt scoops £1500 Prize Bull jackpot

matthew davis

The HUST Prize Bull Lottery Jackpot of £1500 has been claimed. One lucky winner matched the numbers 1,6,7 & 21 drawn on Monday night, that was Matthew Davis.

 ” I’m 36 and I’m one of the many bulls fans living away from Hereford. I live in High Wycombe, Bucks, with my wife Vicki, my son Oscar (7) and daughter Zoe (2).”

Matthew is a long-time Bulls supporter ” I’ve been a member of the trust since the early days (member 199) and was a supporter of Hereford United from the late eighties until the end.”

” With it being so far and with small children, I don’t get to nearly as many games as I’d like, so I’m usually relying on the excellent Radio Hereford FC and HUFC in action on my Saturdays. The easiest game to get to last season was Wembley, which is about 25 minutes away, so it would be great if we could just get as many trips there as possible!”

“I get a lot of info from London Bulls, but believe it or not there are a couple of us in High Wycombe. In 2006, I was celebrating the play-off win with a meal in an Indian restaurant. I was wearing my shirt and two more Hereford fans wearing shirts walked in and sat down, which must have looked a bit odd to everyone else. We’ve been friends since and often make the trip up together.”

“We are delighted for Matthew.” said new fundraising co-ordinator Tristan Edwards, “This win comes at a time when HUST is looking to increase its fund-raising capabilities and The Prize Bull Lottery is one area we are looking to improve. We are hopeful that Matthew will be able to attend Edgar Street soon so that a presentation can be made.”

 HUST would like to form a working party to examine fund raising ideas and take them forward. If you would like to participate in this then please email 

If you would like further information about joining the Lottery, full details are on our Prize Bull page.