A joint meeting between the Boards of Hereford FC and the Hereford United Supporters’ Trust (HUST) has been hailed as a great step forward. The two Boards met at Edgar Street on Tuesday evening, to set out plans for helping push both the club and the Trust forward in a way that is beneficial to both organisations.

All in attendance agreed that Hereford FC is a truly fan-owned club which, thanks to our fantastic supporter base, can look forward optimistically and ambitiously after coming through a challenging period, and despite the inevitable hurdles that lie ahead for everyone as the cost of living continues to increase.

Projects discussed at the meeting included Hereford FC helping HUST increase its membership and HUST helping with general fund-raising for the club, as well as there being open dialogue about the large cost base of the football club and how the two bodies can best work together help meet the ever-increasing drain on resources from ground maintenance and upkeep.

Additionally, it was strongly agreed that feedback from supporters should be invited by way of a survey which will be open to any individual who cares about the club.

The meeting was held in a convivial atmosphere and both boards committed to hold further meetings going forward.

Speaking about the meeting, Hereford FC Chairman, Jon Hale, said:

“We really want a strong, buoyant Trust, with high membership and full engagement with the club and its supporter base.

“This meeting between the two Boards showed there is undoubtably an appetite to work together for the ultimate benefit of the club and its fans, and it is refreshing and exciting to have that reinforced support from HUST.”

HUST Chairman Richard Tomkins added ” Both Boards have tabled their issues and concerns in a positive and co-operative spirit. We look forward to working together to meet the challenges and continue to build a successful Club”.