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HUST Statement

Dear Member,

The Board of Hereford United Supporters Trust, as well as all supporters of Hereford United are extremely saddened and angry at the expulsion of Hereford United from the Football Conference.

Tommy Agombar assured supporters on Friday morning that the club’s admin staff would be paid that day. That did not happen.
On Friday afternoon, Agombar’s accountant and David Keyte assured the Conference that they would meet the Conference demands as laid out to them. That did not happen.

The fans of this 90 year old football club have been left in the dark about the situation ongoing at the club, and have been misled in believing bills would be paid which have ultimately been left unsatisfied.

We demand answers from Tommy Agombar and David Keyte as to why they have misled supporters, and their loyal staff, with promises of payment and why they have played a game of high stakes poker with a football club of which, during it’s 90 year history, they are only temporary custodians. Generations of fans are the real Hereford United and generations more will not be deprived of the club their families love.

With Tommy Agombar having repeatedly told HUST officials, and other fans, that he has the money to cover the bills, we demand that all outstanding wages are settled with both current and former staff with immediate effect as he has promised to do on so many occasions.

Our £1 offer remains on the table, having never been rejected, and we are prepared to investigate pathways to take the club forward if the current owners do not wish to make good on their promises, having done much groundwork with Supporters Direct and our experienced advisers already.

June 10th, 2014.