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HUST reach £190,000 milestone in Share Purchase

Hereford FC Chairman, Ken Kinnersley, receives the cheque from HUST Chairman, Richard Tomkins and HUST board member, Peter Sell

The Hereford United Supporters’ Trust is pleased to announce that a further £15,000 was handed over to Hereford FC at the Hereford v Stockport County match on 6th April 2019.   

This investment takes the HUST Shareholding to £190,000 which is 40% of the HFC share capital.  HUST is the largest single shareholder. 


Target is to get to £289,000 by 31st March 2020 and so own 50% of the HFC share capital. 



HUST was pleased to announce earlier this month, that the Club informed us, that funds from the 50/50 draw will be used exclusively towards the playing budget, next season.  HUST will, of course, continue to receive shares for the investment.  We think this a real win-win situation offering supporters a chance to directly support the playing budget while, at the same time, contributing towards the Trust’s target of 50% share ownership.   

“It’s good news” says Richard “and we hope it is something that supporters will really get behind next season. We are thrilled to have reached this major milestone towards the share purchase target of £289,000 and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved, both HUST members, volunteers and those fans engaging in the variety of fundraising efforts HUST has available”  


HUST is also pleased to launch the BULLS BOOST  

BULLS BOOST is an initiative to encourage all supporters to try and raise £20 per month, any way they can! 

Examples of how this can be done are having one less pint at the weekend, gathering all the loose change from down the back of the sofa, putting a couple of litres less fuel in the tank and walking instead, organising a sponsored event or simply clubbing together with friends and family. The money you save can then be paid, by standing order, directly to HUST. 

So…. THIS TIME NEXT YEAR…. a monthly contribution of £20 could realise … 

  • 100 supporters £22,000 
  • 250 supporters £55,000 
  • 500 supporters £110,000 

If you would like to be involved in the HUST BOOST then please contact Tony Taylor, HUST Director & Treasurer 

To join in our other fund-raising activities, Prize Bull 500 Club, Easy Fundraising online shopping, Sports Club Lottery, the GoFundMe link for your own activities, or the 50/50 online, then visit our fundraising page at 

We are always seeing new ideas and opportunities to fundraise.  If you have any ideas or are fundraising yourself to donate funds to the KEEP THE BULLS FLYING Campaign, please contact Joanie Roberts, HUST Community & Fundraising Director, on  We would love to hear from you to help market and raise the profile of your ventures. 

Get behind our “KEEP THE BULLS FLYING CAMPAIGN” so that  “THIS TIME NEXT YEAR” fans WILL HAVE 50% Share Ownership

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