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HUST Press Release #9

The Board of HUST has noted that there is much speculation regarding a fifth benefactor of Hereford FC.

In order to assure members that The Board is acting only in its best interests, and with due regard to the fact that HUST experienced a period of dormancy before the current Board was elected, it has been decided that a meeting between The Boards of HUST and The Directors of Hereford FC will take place at Edgar Street next Monday 18th April.

Both Boards are keen to move forward together with strength and unity and this meeting will be the first in a series of debates on all aspects of Hereford FC including the  5th Benefactor.

Members can be assured that The Board will continue to reflect the diverse moods and opinions of its members and that no resolution will be tabled for acceptance by the membership unless The Board are certain that such a Resolution is in the best interests of all parties.

HUST will issue a press release shortly after the monthly board meeting which will take place on 26th April which will contain details of forward planning on this, and any other issues.