HUST Press Release 2016 #2

Recommendations for New HUST Board from the 2015/16 Election Management Group

1·         Formally adopting an Election Policy and a Board Membership policy

2·         Reviewing the integrity and accuracy of current membership data and putting processes in place to ensure the integrity of new membership data

3·         Putting a process in place to request permission from members to be contacted electronically including adding this to the membership application form.

4·         Creating a role for an appointed rather than elected secretary who can act independently of the elected board and consider appointing a separate membership secretary

5·         Describing a clear process for the appointment of HUST representatives to the HFC board.

In response: It was resolved that these recommendations be accepted and as such –

  1. The current Board will seek to resolve this issue by undertaking a complete review of the governance of HUST over the coming months in order to present an amended version to the membership when completed. This will be overseen by an identified member of The Board.
  1. It was resolved that the current paid membership of approx 500 should be taken as accurate whereas the lapsed members will have to complete a new application form in order to re-join.
  1. It was resolved that any new Application Forms will include an entry for an email address.
  1. No official roles were determined by the meeting. It was felt that, because of the vast amount of work that needed to be addressed, the membership would be better served in the interim by having Board members working in cluster groups to address pressing issues and as such was deferred. Each Board member was requested to consider their skill-sets for the next meeting so that specific roles could be determined.
  1. It was resolved that, in order to allow for sustainability, continuity and longevity of HUST representation on the HFC Board and to ensure the smooth running of HFC on a year by year basis, membership of the HUST Board was not a pre-requisite and that the current holders of those three posts should be invited to continue in their roles. Although not currently practicable, ideally they should NOT undertake specific HUST roles.This is to ensure that such representation is not automatically changed each time a new HUST Board is elected. This may involve HFC amending part of their constitution as well and, as such, will need further consultation. This was amended to include future ratification by the membership after a review of the governance is complete.

Further to this the HUST Board resolved to accept an invitation from the HFC Board to a meeting at the earliest convenience of the two Boards.