HUST Confirms Further Share Purchase Imminent

HUST have allocated a further £10,000 for share purchase and this will be handed over to the Club very shortly.

This takes the total value of shares in HUST ownership to £100k or just under 35% of the target of £289k.
The Trust has a five year target to reach its total and is currently well placed to achieve this as a further share purchase is planned very shortly. The following chart shows that our share holding is keeping good pace with the time-scale, and we are excited at the prospect of further supporting our great Club.
In order to boost its income, The Trust has added a range of activities to enhance its efforts. Running alongside the matchday 50/50 draw and the Prize Bull Lottery, a further “Bulls Lotto” has been launched which offers life-changing prizes. In the first week (three draws) HUST received £200 as its share of stake money, and a number of participants have reported small pay-outs. We eagerly await our first sizeable win. All the details may be found on here on the website, where you will find details of two other exciting new ventures, the Sports Quizzes and The Tommy Cooper show night. Follow the “fundraising” tab to “events” for all the details.