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HUST Board To Meet Jon Hale On Monday

The HUST board will be meeting with Jon Hale on Monday night to go through a number of points raised over the past few days. The meeting is a fact finding exercise and no key decisions will be made.
The final decision on whether HUST agrees to the proposal from Jon Hale, or any other partnership or model, will be entirely for the whole membership to decide in a one member, one vote poll. This will be done when the Board are able to offer detailed information regarding any proposed scenario so that members are able to make their decision with as much correct information as possible.

In relation to reports that there are three interested parties that have approached Herefordshire Council over Edgar Street, we can confirm that no other party has, as yet, approached HUST regarding any future plans for the ground. We would welcome discussions with any party that intends to keep football at Edgar Street, in line with our Aims and Objectives, and are open to HUST members forming working groups to examine other possible pathways. The HUST board comprises nine people and has limited time and resources that is being taken up by the influx of new members and other day to day business that has grown exponentially over the last two weeks.