HUST Seek Fit&Proper Test Answers

HUST have written to the Insolvency Practitioner handling the proposed CVA asking for the results of the “fit & proper” test results on the club’s directors.

With severe doubt on the capability of the club’s majority owner and two of his appointed directors to pass the Owners and Directors Test, the following letter has been sent this morning:


Dear Sir,


In reference to the proposed CVA, we note that four Directors are currently listed as active with the Company.
All four of these Directors, and the majority owner of the club, would be subject to the terms of the FA’s Owners & Directors Test.


As the results of these tests would materially alter the proposals within the CVA – specifically in terms of the financial support offered by Thomas Agombar Snr and his continued majority ownership of the club – we request that you make public the results of these five tests prior to the relevant votes next week.


We note that significant doubt has already been placed in the public domain on the capability of Thomas Agombar Snr, Thomas Agombar Jnr, and Philip Gambrill to pass the test. To delay publication of the results of the tests will only serve to raise further doubt as to the Company’s ability to continue even under the CVA proposals.


Yours Sincerely

Martin Watson
Vice Chairman