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Donations For Shares Always Welcome

One of the fundamentals of the Supporters Trust is to seek a shareholding in Hereford United in order to gain an independent voice in the future direction of the club.


The Trust has already received offers from existing shareholders to donate shares to the Trust. We are very grateful for these offers and they will be taken up in due course. Should any other existing shareholders wish to donate their holdings to the Trust then they too will be gratefully received.


We also understand that there are a number of fans who are unwilling or unable to buy the £500 worth of shares in the club that would be able to give them a vote in Club matters, but wish their sums to have a voice in the future of the club. Should any fan wish to donate sums specifically for the Trust to purchase shares in the club then that is also very welcome.


Donations can be made in person to any Trust Working Group member, at our Membership Table at each game, by post to our mailing address (details), or through our Paypal Donate button at the bottom of each page.


Any questions about donating shares or money can be sent through any of the details on the Contact Us page.