HUST is aware of some discussions on social media on a Club name change back to ‘Hereford United’. The HUST Board is neutral on this topic and see it as a matter that should be decided by the individual HUST members. However, we point out that this would be a lengthy process and could not take place ‘overnight’.

Ultimately, the shareholders of Hereford FC would decide on this. A resolution from one of the shareholders would have to be submitted at the Club AGM and get 75% approval of shareholders. A summary was provided on the ‘Talking Bull’ fanzine website following the Club AGM in 2018, which we add here for your interest.

For HUST to bring such a resolution to the Club AGM, it would first have to be tabled, voted on and approved at HUST’s own AGM.

The next HUST AGM is likely to be in October 2021. Should the Club AGM take place ahead of this, the first opportunity for HUST to put the proposal before the shareholders, would not arise until the 2022 Club AGM, whenever that would be scheduled.

Fans Surveys have previously been conducted by HUST and showed that supporter opinion was evenly split on the topic. The most recent survey in 2019, whilst just a sample of support, gave the results as below. Of 241 respondents, at that time 52% were in favour of remaining as Hereford FC.

As of today HUST is the owner of 246,000 shares in Hereford FC (46% of the total shares issued and paid for). To participate in any debate on how the HUST shares would vote, or input your view either way you have to be a Member of HUST. If you are not a member of HUST you will have no say in how the HUST shares are used.