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Chris Gives His View From Edgar Street

Trust Chairman Chris Williams has given his View From Edgar Street to the Hereford Times:


A fan is someone who could be described as an enthusiastic devotee, a follower, or admirer of a sport or pastime. A supporter is described as a backer or advocate of something. In my role as Chair of the newly formed Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) I try to be both of these. I am a committed fan – enthusiastic devotee does it for me personally – and a keen supporter, backing and advocating the Aims and Objectives of the Trust in supporting professional football in Herefordshire.

I have been working with the Trust since its inception. If you think that the first open exploratory meeting didn’t take place until April this year we have come a long, long way in a very short time. Until the recent elections the Trust was developed and managed by a very passionate, talented working group of some 24 supporters, most who will continue supporting the newly elected Board of trustees with its on-going developments. We are a fully registered Trust being a Financial Conduct Authority regulated Industrial and Provident Society supported by Supporters Direct, joining the likes of Aston Villa and Birmingham City as well as Kidderminster and Forest Green.

It is no secret that my football club is struggling at the moment. Difficult times for football clubs tend to be cyclical; you only have to look at so called big clubs like Wolves who now have to mix it in the third tier of league football. The smaller the club the harder tough times hit and now the plight my club currently finds itself in really hurts all true fans and supporters. The share of the football cake for the minnows such as us is meagre to say the least. A greater trickle down of finance wouldn’t hurt anyone but would benefit a great deal.

HUST has a constitution that requires it to bring people together to meet its aim of supporting professional football in Herefordshire. With the help and passion of all true Hereford United supporters we will be working ceaselessly towards achieving that aim. Over the coming months we will be holding various events which will be open to the public and will help us to gauge the opinion of fans and supporters and convey those opinions where it matters. Meetings have already been held with the Board of Hereford United and the Chairman has invited the new HUST Board to meet with the Club Board to explore opportunities of mutual benefit. We are keen to bring supporters together and meetings with HUISA will follow. We intend to run a Past Players Club, annual HUFC Mastermind Sports Quiz, which we hope to take around the Counties Towns and to have a big involvement in running the Junior Bulls. Personally, I’d like to see the Trust initiate a Ladies Team and take advantage of some of the recent investment in attracting the 40,000 more women and girls into playing the game.

Look out for notifications of more HUST events on our website and around the ground – including out juniors Christmas Party due on 21st December 2013 before the Cambridge Game. Better still come and join us and help us support our local professional club.

Chris Williams, Chair, Hereford United Supporters Trust.