Board Meeting 28th May 2015

Brief Minutes of the HUST Board Meeting held on the 28th May 2015

Ellen Watkins the new Minutes Secretary was welcomed as was Peter Davies, the new reserve Minutes Secretary.


Joint meeting would be held on Saturday 30th May with representatives from the 3 bodies. Martin Watson and Mike Langford would represent HUST.
HUST has already agreed to buy the home and away kit for the UITC under 18 team and pay for the use of the floodlights for some matches which will be played at Edgar Street.

Talking Bull Fanzine

It was agreed to support the efforts of Keith Hall the editor with a £100 donation.

Fans Team

Chis “Oxo” Oleksy would be speaking to Weobley FC who would like a game against the Fans Team to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Football Matters

There continues to be huge activity at Edgar Street and a phenomenal amount of time being devoted by Chris Williams and Martin Watson in getting everything in place for the FC United of Manchester game on the 11th July 2015. Chris mentioned one meeting where representatives from 15 agencies were in attendance. The Fire Report and Structural Survey were to be available the next week and there were many certificates and licences including liquor licences still to be confirmed.
HUST would be responsible for the 50:50 draw on match days and a team of volunteers would be needed.
The issue of shares in HFC was discussed but this is being held up because of legal formalities.

HUST Matters
The 3rd HUST Director position was discussed. Given the job description and the community role it needed a football person, perhaps an ex player to fulfil the duties professionally. This would be discussed again at the June meeting to see if a suitable candidate could be found.
The HUST Fundraising paper had been agreed and would be submitted to the HFC Board. This was the plan to show HFC how monies would be raised over the next 3 years to purchase shares in HFC.
A Funding Co-ordinator and more bodies were needed to help HUST raise these monies in an enjoyable way. This would be a major discussion topic at the June meeting.
Prize Bull Lottery where Andy Swift reported that he had spoken with John Strank who ran the Merthyr Tydfil FC lottery. They operate on a different basis and we would study their methods. Apart from regular contributions by standing order, they employ agents to sell tickets and have local outlets. HUST relies upon winners making contact to claim their prize whereas they manually check the list of tickets sold. This enables them to then declare a winner or a rollover jackpot and promote the increased prize fund. It was also agreed that when the current prize is won the new jackpot would start at £1,000.
HFC had cashed the cheque for £25,000 issued by HUST for its initial share purchase.
The return to Edgar Street Celebrations for the 11th July 2015 were discussed and will be formalised during the month of June.
The HUST AGM would be held on Thursday 17th September 2015. It was necessary for any co-opted directors to hand their completed Nomination Papers in by the 17th July 2015. Prior to that date a Fans Open Meeting would be organised once the season had started.
Paul Stevens was due to meet with Jessie Norman the next evening. It was agreed that on behalf of HUST he should be congratulated on keeping his seat and thanked for his continuing support.


Next meeting on Thursday 25th June 2015.