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Accounts and SGM Update

HUST is pleased to confirm that audited 2015/16 accounts have been completed and are available to view using the link below.

The accounts show that HUST raised approximately £52,000 during the financial year.    HUST’s main sources of income were the 50/50 draw,  the Prize Bull Lottery, membership fees, and donations towards share purchase.    The majority of money raised has been spent on HFC shares and HUST currently own 90,000 shares in the club and are the largest single shareholder.  In addition HUST also made donations to UITC and other charity donations  of approximately £2,000.

The accounts are audited by local accountants Thorne Widgery and HUST are pleased to have received an “unmodified” audit report  which reflects  the work put in by the HUST board and officers to improve administration, record keeping and governance procedures during the year.

The accounts will now be presented for acceptance and questions to a Special General Meeting of members.

A date for a SGM to receive the accounts and the Fan Elected Director policy will be agreed once discussions have concluded with the Football Club Board.

It is expected that this will be completed in the next few weeks and the new  Policy can be presented along with the accounts to the SGM.

The FED policy  will be published on the HUST website and through a Press Release in advance of the meeting,  giving a minimum of 14 days for issues to be raised by members.

In order to avoid the expense of a full audit every year,  HUST passed a resolution at the 2016 AGM to allow for an independent examination of the accounts in place of a full audit.  HUST is now looking for a suitably qualified person to undertake an annual independent inspection. If you fulfil this criteria or know of someone who may be able to help, please contact Craig Goodall, Vice-Chairman (Governance) in the first instance: