“We Want Every Supporter To Enjoy Their Day At The Football”

Following recent events at the FC United of Manchester away match on Saturday, 2nd March 2018 and the confirmation that the match referee has reported the incident to the FA,  HUST would like to thank the vast majority of fans who are well behaved at both home and away matches.

HUST Chairman Richard Tomkins said ‘I noted last year how some fans see the use of smoke bombs and pyro as adding excitement to the match day experience. Due to the significant consequences of handling and using pyrotechnics, I thought it was important to reiterate my remarks so that the fans, who may enjoy, are aware of the law.  If a court is sentencing someone for entering a stadium with pyro then the starting point for sentencing is three months in prison. The situation is even worse for under 18s where possession of pyro in any place is an offence.  We wouldn’t want to see the future of any fan, particularly a young person, ruined for falling foul of peer pressure and buying a smoke bomb on the way to a match.  Further to this any conviction will most probably include a football banning order for a number of years.  So a £3 smoke bomb could lead to three months in prison and a three year football ban.  Whether you agree with the law or not those are harsh consequences.  Therefore, we urge all HFC fans to respect the law and forget the idea of ‘no pyro, no party’.’

HUST Vice-Chairman, Craig Goodall, said ‘As we’ve said before we want every supporter to be able to enjoy their day at the football and wish to avoid the unnecessary injury or prosecution of any fan, steward, player or referee.

We would urge any fans who may have information to contact HFC General Manger, James Watts by emailing gm@herefordfc.co.uk or telephone 01432 268257