Update From Chairman Chris

The activity at Edgar Street on the pitch has drawn to a climax and indeed the fat lady has finally sung! Whilst the footballing activity is over there is much to be resolved off the pitch.

A meeting of the Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) Working Group was held last night with a 3 issue agenda.

First, Vice Chairman Martin Watson updated the meeting on the request for pledges and commented on the wide ranging support the Trust had received since the request for pledges in support for a bid was launched last week. An enthusiastic meeting unanimously supported the proposal to now approach the football club formally with a view to taking over responsibility for the running of the club. This will be done today with a request for a response by the end of the week.

On Trust matters it was reported that there had been a surge in membership applications for membership of the Trust following the Aldershot game and these were being processed. Membership growth is an ever present strategy in bringing together the Herefordshire football community and whilst we have established a really strong base membership we do need to to kick on and grow the membership, particularly give the increasing rate of activity we are currently taking on. The new Prize Bull lottery draw had been well received and over sixty subscriptions had been taken up in just a few days. Help in needed for the Hereford Community to support this fund raising activity through the creation of a distribution network of local shops and stores.

The final discussion related to the proposal for the London Bulls to formally affiliate with HUST and this received overwhelming support with the London Bulls having a voice with the HUST board being approved. At the end of the meeting HUST Chairman Chris Williams made a call for support from the working group members and the wider Trust membership. He made a pledge that the work required would be more directed than in the past but that we would only achieve success in our endeavours if we can utilise our membership to the best advantage.

Please volunteer your services and tell us what you can do. Your Trust Needs You now.