Support Worcester’s Bid To Return To The City

Worcester City need supporters to back their bid to return to the city by making comments on their planning application with Worcester City Council.
This from Worcester City:
Supporters of Worcester City returning to Worcester & to Perdiswell have just a few days left to voice comments to Worcester City Council.
The last day for comments is Monday 6th April.
The planning website had been inundated with hundreds of comments supporting the proposals from across Worcester which will benefit sport and recreation for the whole City. Every single comment will make a difference.
This is one of the most important parts of the planning process as it gives Councillors an indication of public support. Therefore YOUR comment will be crucial if our application is to succeed.
Please visit the Worcester City Council Planning website and view the application at: 
to make a comment in support of the application or write to Worcester City Council, Planning Services, The Guildhall, High Street, Worcester WR1 2EY.
The Planning Application Number is P14M0176 – If you choose to write a letter instead of making a comment via the online portal, please ensure this number is on your letter.
Every single comment made will make a difference & there is no age limit as to who can make a comment, so please take the time to add YOUR voice if you would like to see Worcester City FC return to Worcester and to Perdiswell.
Please submit a separate comment for each member of your family and help us by spreading the news to as many local people as possible.
Below are a few helpful points:
Making Representations
The Council prefer you to make representations online.
Representations will have more effect if a number of people write in, but a petition will not carry any more weight. Also avoid using a ‘standard’ letter. Use your own words.
Points that are worth highlighting (in your own words) in respect of our application for the return of Worcester City FC to Worcester:
• Sustainable location with easy access including by foot, bus or cycle;
• Perdiswell Park is allocated in the adopted City of Worcester Local Plan Proposals Map for sport and leisure activities;
• Within the City of Worcester Perdiswell Park is the only viable location for rehoming Worcester City Football Club;
• The proposal would enhance the quality and maintenance of the existing grass pitches thereby encouraging people to use them more;
• Having Worcester City FC back in Worcester would bring welcomed benefits to the local economy;
• The proposed facilities would be used by a variety of interest groups, including local schools and youth teams from various sports;
• The community sports hub would be accessible by all;
• The design, size and siting of the development has been carefully considered to help minimise any adverse impact upon the character of the area, the amenity of neighbouring residents and the wider landscape;
• The provision of a large dedicated secure cycle storage facility and cycle maintenance workshop will encourage more people to travel by bike, especially with the added incentive of discounted entrance fees for those who cycle to the game on match days;
• The proposed green living wall will potentially improve the biodiversity of the site and help diminish the visual impact of the proposed development;
• The grass pitches and surrounding area will remain open and accessible at all times;
• The proposed development is well screened from the Canal Conservation Area by mature trees and vegetation;
• The proposal makes provision for additional tree planting.
The reasons or motives of the applicant in applying for planning permission will not be taken into account, so saying “Bring City home” or “We should be playing in Worcester” are not relevant comments.
Please note that it is the right of everyone to make a comment whether they are for or against this application, so please make positive comments about our application rather than about people who may be objecting.
We cannot emphasise enough how important each comment made will be to the outcome of this application, so please do your bit!
Worcester City FC Supporters Trust
Worcester City FC