Hereford FC supporters have stepped up a gear in their donations to the Club via the good offices of HUST. Today we can announce that another tranche of funds, £5,000, has been paid into the club. This follows quickly on the donations made in September and November. For this we get shares in the club, and to Hereford FC this is a straight cash injection. There are no restrictions on how Hereford FC can use the money for the benefit of the Club.

HUST chairman, Richard Tomkins, said “Supporters have rallied to the cause of club and supporters’ trust. Focus for many may not have been on football during these pandemic days, but fans do remain very aware that we are all striving to maintain football at Edgar Street to enjoy our football matches in better days to come. The encouragement of our team on the field has been first class, as has the continued wonderful contributions to our fundraising avenues. We are therefore able to supply additional funds to the club at a good pace. Thank you everybody.”

Jon Hale, Hereford FC Chairman added “Once again, we thank HUST for their latest share purchase of £5,000. HUSTs continued fund-raising efforts are welcomed by Hereford FC by way of increased share purchase, as we all work together for the future. There is a great feeling around the club once again, as all supporters move forward positively to help Hereford FC build successful times ahead.”

This takes the HUST Shareholding and Fan Ownership to £261,000 with a target is to reach £289,000 by 31st May 2022 and so own 50% of the Hereford FC Share Capital.


Thank you for your continued support.


If you would like to take part, check out our current fundraising options: