‘Spot the Ball’ and WIN!

Despite there being no matches now until the pre-season friendlies begin on Tuesday, 11th July, supporters can continue to help raise vital funds throughout the summer. 

Indeed, the majority of the friendly games in July are set to be played away from Edgar Street, and without 50/50 tickets to buy, what is on offer? 

The Bulls Lotto and the Prize Bull 500 Club are already both up-and-running which will provide a steady income, but why not also pit your wits against former players Tommy Hughes and Gareth Davies by entering HUST’s monthly ‘Spot the Ball’ competition.    

Anyone over 16 years of age can enter for as little as £1, the same price as a 50/50 ticket.  Like the 50/50 draw the more people that enter the greater the prize fund, and like the 50/50 draw, 50% is paid out in prizes, with the remaining 50% invested in Hereford Football Club shares, boosting the club’s budget. 

The chance of winning the top prize is similar if you randomly select a square on the playing grid, but is considerably reduced if you use your skill and judgement to gauge where you think experts Tommy and Gareth have placed the ball. 

(click to enlarge)

The current competition ends on Saturday 20 May.  Entry is easy via the Trust’s website (https://www.hufctrust.co.uk/hust-spot-the-ball/) or by post.   

The Trust needs to raise £189,000 by the end of March 2020, that is a little over £5,000 per month, to achieve a 50% share in the ownership of Hereford FC. 

So why not have a go, and help maintain some income streams throughout the summer as HUST endeavours to increase its stake in the club for the benefit of all fans.