Prize Bull ‘500 Club’ SEPTEMBER Winners: Draw 51

Thanks to every member of the Prize Bull ‘500 Club’ for their support since the new-style draw was launched at the beginning of the 2017/18 season, and for keeping your entries flying for this fund raising initiative throughout the summer.

The ‘September’ Monthly Draw, incorporating the regular weekly draws, took place yesterday, with Hereford supporters from right across the country winning in the random draw.

Congratulations to the winners:

£100  James Sheath – Member 20 from Leicester

£75  Paul Fletcher – Member 210 from Banstead

£25  Roger Lundberg – Member 34 from Denmark

£25  Andrew Thomas – Member 59 from Hereford

£25  Jon Owens – Member 119 from Hereford

£25  William Wright – Member 91 from Crickhowell

£10  Robert Money – Member 138 from Ludlow

£10  C.R. Pitt – Member 135 from Hereford

£10  Matthew Davis – Member 22 from High Wycombe

£10  Graham Lambourne – Member 151 from Gloucester

Cash prizes will be paid directly to supporters as per the normal procedures for the Prize Bull ‘500 Club’ draws.

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