Prediction League

LATEST TABLE – After Aldershot (A) click on the table below for full details.

HUSTPL50 Final

TO ENTER – Simply email your prediction for the next HUFC game to along with a username – all that is required is the score-line whilst you may send predictions for more than one game at a time.

New participants are always welcome.


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Prizes at the end of the season will be:-

1st Prize

– Free Trust membership for the 2014/15 season

– HUST Hoodie

2nd Prize

– Free Trust membership for 2014/15 season

– HUST Polo shirt

3rd Prize

– Free Trust membership for 2014/15 season

Booby Prizes

There are three Booby Prizes at the end of the season, these will be awarded for the following situations;

The Participant who matches the final position of Hereford United Football Club in the Conference – a Trust Wristband

The Participant who matches the number of points that Hereford United Football Club achieve in the Conference – a Trust Pin Badge

The Participant who enters all the rounds of the Prediction League with the least success  – a Trust Car Sticker

Monthly Prizes

The monthly prize will be awarded to the highest points scorer of each month. The monthly prizes are the participants choice of either a Trust Wristband, a Trust Pin Badge or a Trust Car Sticker.

Monthly Prize Winners – 2013/14

August – Beanser (25pts)

September – fsqatech (25pts)

October – ROGER LUNDBERG (25pts)

November – Arch of Lemner (33pts)

December – Llubyllub (19pts)

January – Peakey_93 (23pts*)

February – Nailswortholdbull (20pts)

March – DannyHUFC (25pts)

April – GemmaLou1511 (21pts)

* Prize won on virtue of most correct score-lines.



– One entry per username per email address (unless specifically stated that two people are using the same email address i.e. a Father & Son).

– Predictions cannot be amended after first submission. *

– Do not email the supplied email address with anything other than predictions.

– Try to ensure that your entry is clear for which result you are predicting.

– You may predict for more than one game at a time should you so wish.

– Please attempt to keep up participation for as many rounds as possible in order to win prizes.

– The league table will be put up within 24 hour of the final whistle of each game on the trust website, should you notice any error’s please contact us straight away.

* In the event of a postponement, you will have the opportunity to amend your prediction up until 24 hours before the rearranged game kicks off.


Scoring is as follows;

– Correct Score-line – 5pts

– Correct Result (W,L,D) – 3pts

– Bonus Points – Correct margin of victory, Correct number of HUFC goals, Inverse score-line (e.g. 1-2 instead of 2-1) – 1pt each*

– Double points will be awarded for FA Cup & FA Trophy matches and the final league game of each month.

* The bonus points cannot be achieved should a participant predict the correct score-line.


Should two or more participants be on the same points, they will be separated by the following methods in this order;

– Highest number of correct score-lines,

– Highest number of correct results,

– Highest number of non-participations,

– Lowest number of nil point rounds,

– The difference between participants predicted number of HUFC goals to HUFC’s actual goal count.

If by the end of these permutations the participants are still level, we will have joint winners.