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Prediction League As It Happened…

Tonight’s game against Macclesfield was not attended by the main protagonists of the HUST Prediction League, so we put together a live prediction league. The text from this is shown at the bottom of this article. In the meantime the main points from tonight’s match were as follows, we had 111 prediction in for the match, 65 went for a HUFC win, 36 went for a draw and were going well for the first 61 minutes but it was the 10 who predicted the loss who will at least have something to take away from this game.


Only 1 of our 111 competitors for this match correct predicted the 1-0 home win, so Bigglesbull picks up 5 points for his efforts and moves up 29 positions in the league table. The remaining 9 competitors who predicted a Macclessfield win all picked up 3 points and each one of them also picked up a bonus point for either getting the correct margin of result (-1) or the correct number of HUFC goals (nil).


1 further predictor picked up a bonus point for predicting no goals for Hereford, whilst 17 predictors thought the score-line would be the opposite way around and picked up a point for this.


In the league table, little change at the top, Barney Rubble still leads the way from Kick in the Bulls as neither of them picked up a point, Hereford Bulls 78 managed to close the gap by 1 point in 3rd position. The indefinite Hiatus for Beanser has not affected his position whilst ROGER LUNDBERG enters the top 5.


For the month, Bigglesbull leads the way on 9 points from 2 games & 1 point ahead of 4 competitors on 8 points.


Can the Bulls start scoring again? What do you think will happen at Home to Dartford on Saturday? Let us know before kick off –


In the meantime our full league table is up to date and over on the prediction league tab – so go take a look to see what this result has done for you. For all the latest Trust News make sure to check back here on our website.


The following text is from our Live Feed in regards to tonight’s match – We stress this was a one off but we hoped you enjoyed it anyway.



For tonight’s game against Macclesfield we are trying a One-Off prediction league as it happens feature, so as soon as a goal is scored we will be able to update you with the main movers, shakers and music makers (OK, maybe not the music makers)!


Keep an eye out on this page on the Trust’s website, Twitter (@HUSTPredictions), Facebook (HUST Prediction League), or on the Bulls Banter & Meadow End Forum’s.


We’ll try our best to get the real-time information to you (but it’s our first attempt at this so please be patient!) & if you want to get in contact with us please use any of the above mediums. If you want to know how you’re getting on midway through the match we will happily provide.


In the meantime, to be in with a chance of this exciting new One-Off feature, please make sure to get your predictions in by the 7.45pm kick off to New participants are still welcome, so why not get involved!



7.45pm – Kick off – Let’s go.

7.55pm – If it stays goal-less we will have 1 out of 111 predictors with the correct score-line only Podge has predicted this. 35 other predictors have also predicted the draw and would currently gain 4 points. 2 predictors are getting a single bonus point as it stands. Podge is up  22 positions as it stands and is our highest mover.

8.05pm – We will try to get a ‘live’ league table up at half time, all being well.

8.12pm – Of our predictors 65 have gone for a HUFC win, 36 for a Draw & 10 for a MTFC home victory. Still plenty of time to see who is right, want to know how you are getting on live? Get in contact.

8.15pm – What did Luke Graham’s Yellow Card do for your prediction? Nothing at all!

8.22pm – Sam Gwynne could have made plenty of people happy if that shot made it’s way into the back of the net! Podge still doing the best out of everyone & Barney Rubble currently still leading the way.

8.26pm – Free Kick wasted by Macc, and 10 people predicting still only in line for bonus points, as are 65 predicting the opposite result!

8.30pm – Half time 0-0 – Our Live Table HUST Prediction League Table Round 14 – Live

8.46pm – Second Half starts all but 1 competitor hoping for a goal – Let’s see what happens!

8.51pm – If there is to be a goal, 18 competitors will on course to getting all 5 points, 17 if Hereford score, just 1 if Macclesfield score.

8.57pm – In the monthly table DORSET BULL is currently leading the standings after 1 & half games on 9 points from Barney Rubble on 8 points. In the meantime HUFC have a corner…

9.02pm – The ball is in the net… for the home team, Connor Jennings, and the majority of us are not happy! Stats coming up.

9.05pm – It’s Bigglesbull who is now the leading points scorer as things stand who is the only predictor predicting a 1-0 Macclesfield Victory. 9 other predictors have gone for Macclesfield as well and are picking up at least 3 points.

9.14pmBigglesbull is currently up 29 places with these 5 points – let’s hope this predictor is ashamed!

9.15pm – Bush squanders a chance which would have helped out a lot of people and made every HUFC fan more content.

9.20pm – Smith is sent off, not looking good for those predicting a draw or victory now.

9.27pm – 5 minutes left, will anything change? All but 10 predictors have not got this current result correct.

9.32pm – Chances, but this looks to be a 3rd successive game with no goals for the Bulls.

9.35pm – Final whistle, Macclesfield 1 – 0 Hereford – Table will be up shortly.