HUST’s Own Duracell Man

Veteran 50/50 and Golden Goal seller Jeremy Wolfe is a local treasure. Every Supporters Trust needs a Jeremy. He is invariably first at the ground to ensure that nobody misses a chance to purchase. A few astonished supporters are barely allowed out of their cars before the Bulls hardest-working seller pounces upon them.

Jeremy eschews technology but if he would keep count of distance travelled, it’s a good bet he covers more ground than our players. Selflessly, he continues to sell right through the first half and it’s difficult to underestimate the added value of his single-minded devotion.

Take our recent victory over South Park. As our illustration proves, Jeremy offered a pre-match car service. The weather was windy and cold outside so Jeremy will come to the comfort of your car!

The service continues during the first half for anyone who hasn’t seen a 50/50 seller as seemingly battery powered Jeremy zooms tirelessly around the seats and terraces, not forgetting the rather surprised 25 away supporters in the Len Weston.

Thanks to Jeremy and the rest of the HUST sales team, well over 800 tickets were purchased that day. That’s remarkable for an attendance of 1001.

HUST thanks all the purchasers and our remarkable Jeremy who just keeps going and going…

If you aren’t able to make a match, you can buy online up to 24 hours before KO of any home league game.